Love Te Arai
a community who actively preserves & improves the environment
te arai landscape

Ko te aroha mo Te Arai

For the love of  Te Arai



Appreciate and understand  our environment and it's history


Develop awareness of the issues & how we can protect the whole environment
Fairy Terns at Te Arai


Communicate the good things about the Te Arai region, listen and discuss the issues


Bring together our community to co-create solutions and  develop a community voice

our outcomes

The change & benefit we will see as a result of our actions are:

A strong, caring and vocal community
Awareness of the wonderful place that is Te Arai
Protected flora, fauna, land and seascapes
Safe roading to access Te Arai

What we believe in
To live in a high value environment through the preservation of all that is good.

Te Arai has it all!

There are 3 key beaches: Te Arai point, Forestry and the lesser known Black Swamp.

Here you can walk the white sand, watch the blue sea, surf the consistently good waves, catch yourself a fish, wander into the regional park, enjoy the views, and cycle the roads. Te Arai is only 60 minutes from Auckland now.

Drive or cycle to the end of Te Arai Point Road and you’ll be at Te Arai beach (no dogs allowed). Also please keep away from the dunes to keep our endangered Tara Iti (Fairy terns) safe.

Dogs, along with people, can  enjoy Forestry beach, which you reach from Ocean View Road and Te Arai Pint Rd.  Black Swamp beach is on Pacific Road – also the home of Tara Iti golf resort.

Explore the area
Fairy Terns return to Te AraiPhoto courtesy of Love Te Arai

Is Te Arai's ecosystem compromised?

Love Te Arai are now working with Save Te Arai, the NZ Fairy Terns and Te Arai Preservation Society. We have submitted against the Sand Mining at Pakiri and Te Arai. We have filed a judicial review against a non-notified consent.

Join our community in protecting the flora, fauna, land and seascapes from activities which damage these precious taonga.

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Judicial Review 2024

The High Court Judicial review agreed with Love Te Arai that the community should have been notified
Feb 2024

Protecting the Shy Superhero of Te Arai: Australasian Bittern

Bitterns are one the most endangered birds in our Te Arai area

Why Road Quality Matters

Te Arai's Roads are the last on Auckland's to-do list
Feb 2023

Surfing at Te Arai

Low down on a hang ten

Breathe better at the beach

Life's a beach living in Te Arai point

Bird life at Te Arai

Did you know how many birds we have here?
Dec 2023

Pest Control in Te Arai area

Recent trapping in Te Arai
Mar 2022

Blue penguins are dying at Te Arai

What To Do If You Find Dead Or Dying Penguins
Mar 2023
We are a group called

Founded in our community, we have banded together to preserve and enhance the natural ecology of the Te Arai region.
As a group, we help trap pests, do regenerative planting, treat kauri for dieback, monitor rare birds (Fairy Tern, Australasian Bitterns), and remove plastic from our beaches.
We are involved in caring for Te Arai so people who venture to our beautiful regional park, beaches, walking tracks, golf courses, horse riding trails, and events can enjoy the pristine environment.